The Latin name for the chocolate tree is Theobroma cacao and translates to: The Food of the Gods- referencing its delicious taste and the Aztec and Mayan belief that cacao was a gift from the Gods.

The Hawaiian name for our coastline is Hamakua and is translated as: The Breath of the Gods (or ancestors)- referencing the fresh trade winds that bring the nightly rains that water the trees and make our coast the verdant, magical place it is filled with waterfalls, rainbows and chocolate.


With their shared love of exotic plants, traveling and good food, Dan Corson and Berndt Stugger began to revitalize this old sugarcane land into a contemporary chocolate farm and botanic garden in 2009.  Berndt, originally from Vienna, Austria, previously worked in the software world, while Dan created award-winning public artworks nationally and internationally.  If you want to see some of these projects you can explore his artwork here: