Hamakua Chocolate Farm

Terms & Policies



Reservations are to be placed by email and phone.  Reservation confirmation and directions will be sent out via email.  We accept Visa or Master Card. A 50% deposit must be paid to reserve your stay. All rooms are subject to Hawaii 14.69% tax, (which includes transient accommodation tax TAT  10.25% and general excise tax GET  4.44%).  Room rates are figured with double occupancy (2 persons only).  

Child Policy:  Due to this being a working farm with uneven terrain, swiftly flowing stream, suspension bridge,unfenced gulches and active farm equipment, this is not a suitable environment for kids under the age of 16.

Pets Policy: pets are not allowed.  Please do not bring them on the property.

Smoking/Burn Rules:  “No Smoking” is now a State Law in Hawaii.   We take this very seriously.   Also, NO burning of anything in the rooms or outside such as; matches, candles, incense, mosquito coils, etc.  NO SMOKING/BURNING OF ANYTHING INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OF ANY ROOMS IS ALLOWED INCLUDING ELECTRONIC CIGS OR VAPING.  We have trade winds blowing most of the time on the Island, so smoke can travel in and around the facility and enter into other rooms. If you smoke/burn in your room you will be charged a $250.00 per occurrence for a special cleaning fee, this will be debited from your credit card on file.  If you smoke/burn outside of your room and not in the designated smoking area (driveway entry), you will pay $100.00 fee.  This will be debited from your credit card on file.  If it occurs a second time in your group/party (inside or outside room), you will be fined again and will be asked to leave.   Do not throw into any trash containers or flush down the toilet any smoking products; cigarette packages, butts, ashes.  If you need to smoke, take a walk and go to the driveway entry or beyond.  You agree, if you are asked to leave or you decide to leave, you will forfeit all monies charged for your stay as well as any fines incurred for smoking as we (management) decide. 

Damages:  Damage to Property/Rooms:  We understand that there is normal wear and tear: however, if there is damage to the property/room above what we would consider normal wear and tear, then we reserve the right to charge you for any damage in the rooms or on the property that we consider damaged property.    We will charge your credit card on file for any damages that you have caused.  Please let us know as soon as possible of any problem/accident that you have had on the property or in your room.    No washing of anything in the rooms, in the bathtub or sink: clothes, dishes, equipment, or anything. Physical damage to our tubs and showers and water damage to flooring and furniture is our biggest concern.   Let us know if you need help or if you need to use our washer/dryer. 


Cancellation of Farm Tours and Tastings will be refunded in full if notified 24 hours in advance.  Cancelation of Farm Stays will be refunded if notified 2 weeks in advance, or if we are able to re-book the room for the dates canceled. If you are concerned about cancelation, we recommend that you consider travel interrupt insurance through a 3rd party for your own protection. We recommend Word Nomad insurance.


Check in time is at 3p. Check out is at 11a.  If you need to check in earlier, please let us know and we will try to accommodate, or at least store your luggage. 

Prepare for your trip:

Please be aware that Hurricane season is from June to November. Hawaii Island has not had a hurricane in recent history, but we do have storms.  Please be prepared with protective clothing. Late April-May is the main termite swarming season. Depending on conditions, we may request that you keep the doors closed and lights off in your room for the 1.5hrs the termites are swarming. This is a normal practice in this area.